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  • Registration and login;
  • Client interface in English, French, and German;
  • Automated e-mail notifications, also in clients' own languages;
  • No limit to the number of languages you can include;
  • Export of word count and/or time calculation for invoicing;
  • SSL encrypted server
  • Your own dedicated URL including your team or business name. For example: https://mygroup.wordteam.eu so your clients know it is YOU they are dealing with.



€ 49.50 / month
  • Up to 100 assignments1 per month and all the features of WordTEAM Basic;
  • ALSO:
  • Text message facility
    (excluding SMS provider charges);
  • Archive facility
    (excluding data storage charges, systems such as Dropbox are free);
  • Full technical support online or by e-mail;



€ 99.50 / month
  • Unlimited number of assignments and all the features of WordTEAM plus;
  • ALSO:
  • Client interface in your own language2, in addition to English, French and German.
  • Your own company logo displayed throughout your WordTEAM premium version.
  • Operational support by phone or e-mail.

All mentioned prices are excluding local VAT (not applicable if you are located outside the Netherlands and can supply an EU VAT registration number), for non-EU countries please contact us for more information.


  1. number of assignments = number of texts uploaded by a client. So one text for translation into four languages would only count as 1 assignment. Maximum size per upload: 8Mb
  2. we will install your own language (for clients) on WordTEAM premium but you must provide us with the appropriate translations at your own expense. We will supply the source text.