How it works

Client uploads source text to WordTEAM in the cloud
You assign work to the most suitable linguist in your team
The translation is completed, checked and returned for revision
Client downloads the finished translation from the cloud

The WordTEAM process in 10 easy steps

  1. Clients register online in one of three standard languages (English, French, German).
    They can do this via your website, your LinkedIn page or by invitation.
  2. Translators register online by invitation only.
    This allows you and the other members in your team to limit registration to those linguists you choose to work with.
  3. WordTEAM only shows clients the language combinations that are available.
    This can also be used to show different fields of expertise if working in the same language.
  4. Each linguist can set his or her own availability.
  5. Clients upload a text for translation and/or proof reading.
    Clients can specify target language(s), request deadlines and also add notes to be passed on to the translator.
  6. The administrator receives an automated e-mail, and can assign the translation to a translator who is authorised for that language pair and whose availability is active.
  7. The translator will also receive a notification.
    This can be an automated e-mail notification and an optional text message1. The translator can accept or decline a translation online.
  8. The completed translation is uploaded to WordTEAM and the administrator can choose to assign it to a revisor or return it directly to the client.
  9. The client receives an automated e-mail, but can see the progress of the assignment online at any time by a series of icons. They download the completed translation.
  10. WordTEAM includes exportable data for invoicing.
    Translators enter a calculation before returning a translation (word count or time taken depending on your settings)

1 the text message and archive facilities are not available on WordTEAM Basic

Additional features

  1. Any member of the team can take on the role of administrator, this can also be done on a shared basis. No special skills are required and each team can decide how to organise this;
  2. WordTEAM is cloud based and does not have to be installed on your computer. It can be used on any device with an internet connection and is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems;
  3. WordTEAM uses an encrypted SSL server. No translation texts are transmitted by e-mail, only notifications. This is an extra level of security for your clients.
  4. Completed translations are archived for six months1 and are available to the client and translator (and if appropriate, the revisor) in addition to the administrator.